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Welcome To The Joggler Wiki


The aim of this wiki is to be a great source of information and tutorials for the O2 Joggler. The plan is to cover some aspects of normal use, but with a particular focus on homebrew software, hardware modification and alternative operating systems. If you are new to the Joggler, it's best to start with the Frequently Asked Questions.

The O2 Joggler is a remarkable system for a number of reasons, not least that they are a highly capable touchscreen device for a bargain price. They are pretty robust, relatively easy to recover from the even most comprehensive of fails and fairly powerful. A Joggler consists of a 1.33GHz Intel Atom Z520 processor, Intel GMA500 graphics with hardware acceleration (yes, you can play 1080p H.264 video), 512MB RAM, a single-touch capacitative touchscreen and two small speakers in a 'picture frame' chassis.


We encourage you to add your own solutions, modifications and tutorials. Just create an account from the link in the top-right corner and you'll be able to edit the wiki. It's preferred that you add your instructions to the wiki itself, rather than linking to an external site (although if you want to link as well, that's perfectly fine). Please do test your work first, though - nobody likes a bricked Joggler!

If you feel like you need some inspiration we have a list of potential uses for a spare Joggler. Otherwise, most of the features of the wiki are in the sections below and on the sidebar. Take a look at the Help page information on uploading files and wiki backups.

Joggler Discussion

If you have questions, there is a forum on this site were you can get advice from other Joggler users. There is also a irc channel dedicated to Joggler discussion on the Freenode network, channel #joggler.

Original Operating System

The native OS is based around the Ubuntu-2.6.24-19.37 lpia kernel, running Busybox and Xorg with a proprietary front-end written for O2 in Flash by OpenPeak. This front-end is in turn based on OpenPeak's own OpenFrame platform. Support for this was discontinued by o2, thus rendering the original OS essentially useless. However, a final debranded release was made available first via and over the air (well, online) update and then via a reflasher. With further modifications this enabled Joggling to continue! See here and here on the forum for further details.

System Modifications

This section covers alterations to the original operating system, including enable SSH and SCP. It also covers restoration of the native OS to a factory fresh state.


Updated or custom applications and procedures for installing them. Apps include the music player SqueezePlay, the Opera web browser and BBC iPlayer, all of which and more can be easily added via PnP III, a multi-app installer based on the one of the early Joggler modifications 'Plug 'n' Pimp'.


Links and information on the Joggler's native operating system, including the style guide.

Linux Operating Systems

The O2 Joggler uses an Extensible Firmware Interface which has been programmed from the factory to allow booting from USB devices. Adding an appropriate boot loader to a USB device allows that device to be booted, which in turn allows an alternative operating system to be loaded.

Please see the EFI page for details on constructing your boot loader.


This section contains Linux-related bits and pieces that don't necessarily relate to one particular distribution. Contents include essential kernel patches, backlight control, running alternative operating systems from the internal flash and fixing MAC address issues.


All of the Linux distros that people have attempted to get running on the Joggler. Some are DIY, while others are available as prebuilt system images.


Useful applications for the Joggler.

Windows Operating Systems

Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 both will run on the Joggler, thanks to Eric Huang in China, who modified the source code from the XOM project (XP On Mac). It uses a custom EFI bootloader and patched NTLDR, NTDETECT.COM & c:\windows\system32\drivers\VGA.SYS.

Danfoshizzle from the forum and others were then able to assemble working XP & W2003 builds.

The patched bootloader for XP will not boot Vista or Windows 7.

Hardware and Modifications

OpenFrame 1 (Joggler)

Original Hardware

Hardware Modifications

OpenFrame 2

Firmware Hacking

Other Resources