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Surprisingly, replacing the LCD is easy.

You need a 30 pin LVDS LCD with a compatible pinout - I have a LTN150XB-L03, which I know works and the datasheet is readily accessible.

It appears that at least some manufacturers have standardized on this pinout, which is handy. HOWEVER, the Joggler does not quite match up - It embeds the LED backlight on this connector - Pin 24 (Orange) ,25 (Yellow) ,26 (Green). Pin 27 (Blue), 29 (Grey) and 30 (White) are the grounds for the LEDs.

With the above panel, there is only one pin that needs removed before you plug it in - Pin 25, which was yellow in my case. It's the center one of the 3 LED power rails.

You can remove this non-destructively - On the connector, there are one-way catches. lever the catch up slightly with a sharp knife and just pull the entire wire and connector pin out. Remember - This wire is at 28v or so, so wrap it in tape that will not come undone.

You also need to power the backlight seperately - The Joggler does not have a high enough voltage for the inverter.

On the software side, the Joggler has manually configured modes, so you need to modify the following lines:

   SubSection    "Display"
       Depth     24
       Modes     "800x480" <-- Change to 800x600 if you want to run the original software stack

   Option     "ALL/1/Port/4/Dtd/1/HorzActive"          "800"  <-- Change to X resolution
   Option     "ALL/1/Port/4/Dtd/1/VertActive"          "480"  <-- Change to Y resolution
   Option     "ALL/1/Port/4/Attr/26"                   "24"   <-- Change to bit depth of display

And the obligatory _really_ bad photo:

External display.JPG