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If you have a specific issue that isn't dealt with here, please leave a message in the Joggler Wiki forum area.

Uploading Files

If you have a larger non image (not jpg/png etc) file related to the joggler you would like hosted, please upload the file to along with a corresponding text file describing the contents. Then drop an email to buzz [at] and your file will be moved to the main ftp area where it can be referenced using a url such as

Wiki Backups / Dumps

FTP Directory Listing

For preservation purposes and to make the content fully available to the public, daily dumps of the site contents are available for download. The dumps folder contains XML dumps with complete revision history of each page. Up to 3 months of the XML dumps will be made available for download.

The files folder contains a snapshot of the current images and files uploaded to the wiki. This is created on a monthly basis.