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There are at least 2 different versions of the EFI.

  • o2 branded
  • openpeak branded

The clear and obvious difference is that the boot logo differs between the two. However there appears to be more to them than this. It has been reported that attempting to flash the openpeak version to a unit which arrived with o2 branded version results in a device that does not boot (bricked). The de-bricking procedure (Recovering_a_bricked_EFI) has to be used with the original firmware version to get it going again.

Flashing an OpenPeak EFI with the o2 branded EFI version does not prevent the unit from booting.

See also Versions

Ignore the comments that were here about O2 branded EFI flash corruption. This appears to be caused by having certain usb devices connected to the device when booting, I am trying to narrow down what causes this, and what is doing the corruption.