Potential Uses

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So you've got a Joggler and you're not sure what to do with it. Here are some ideas!

  • Leave original system on it.
    • You won't get much out of it these days since o2 discontinued support. You'll need to do one of the other options on the list below!
  • Modify the native (Linux Based) OS yourself (and learn loads in the process) or do it with something like PnP III?
  • Small MythTV frontend in kitchen, with mythRecipies, mythMusic, cook's timer...
  • Bedside radio / alarm clock
  • System monitor - nagios / opsview
  • VOIP client - with suitable USB headset or bluetooth
  • Electrical use graph (connected to a Current Cost perhaps via USB to Serial)
  • Photo/video frame using smb/nfs to see photos/videos held on central storage
  • Networked media player (e.g. XBMC)
  • Weather station
  • In car entertainment
    • This has been achieved by one user who replaced the CD player in a Mazda MX-5 mkIII. And can be found here
  • Front Door Camera/Security System Monitor
  • Asterisk Server and using a pretty slideshow to cover it up?
  • daubers' chilli watering system?
  • Openstreetmap car satnav (and data collection)
  • Shared network whiteboard / doodle pad
  • Video magnifier (with handheld LED-lit USB camera)
  • Squeezebox Controller
    • This is popular.
  • MythTV frontend & backend with attached external drive and USB freeview receiver. Streaming possible to networked systems.
  • [Quake 3] Lan Box ;)
  • Extended Windows Desktop
  • Photo frame / Wireless Intrusion Detection System