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So far, progress on Android.

Two distributions of Android exist for the Joggler, the original 2.2 build by swifty and a more recent build by Mijuu which was slightly customised for UK users by Angelo (asantaga). The later is slightly newer release of Android and considered more stable and has features which make it more suitable for the joggler.

Also see Status of Android Applications for apps which do/dont work with Android on the joggler

Version History

JazzMod v1.0

2.2 Swifty Release

2.2.1 Mijuu Release

20-June-2011 Mijuu Release 1.2.3/Android 2.2.2

28-July-2011 Mijuu Release 1.2.4

19-January-2012 Mijuu ICS Alpha

29-January-2012 JazzMod v1.0 (ICS, based on Mijuu's build)