2.2.1 Mijuu Release

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Option 2 Mijuu Release

(Mijuu) has created a Android 2.2.1 (Froyo) release, this is available by following the instructions on Enjoy Android on O2′s Joggler in 3 easy steps


- This release has three softbuttons for Menu/Home/Back instead of the virtual buttons

- The release is in chinese, but you can change the language back to English by :

  • From the main screen go to the apps page (grid icon)
  • Select Settings, its a round blue icon with a silver centre
  • Within here the list is Chinese EXCEPT the second one which says "Ethernet Configuration"
  • Scroll down to the icon which looks like a box with the letter "A" , select it
  • Within here the first option allows you to select the languageand
  • Voila...

More information, and a build which has been customized by asantaga, can be found in the Forum