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Now that we have the android market working on the joggler, and the other apps stores, its worth noting that many many apps work absolutely fine on the joggler. The ones that dont often dont work because they need access to the Android NDK (ARM) (the Joggler is android x86) or because they work in portait mode only..

So therefore instead of listing apps which work, we've decided to list apps which are recommended, work-with-issues or dont work..

Applications which work and are recommended for the Joggler

Name of App Android Version Tested Comments
Button Savior 2.2.1 Enables soft buttons, specifically useful for getting out of full screen applications
Clock Retro Widget 2.2.1 Clock widget for the main screen
Pulse News 2.2.1 News widget, works reasonably well
Winamp 2.2.1 Music player, and has the ability to tap into streamed audio on the web
Google Finance 2.2.1 Shows stocks shares etc , works well
AndSMB 2.2.1 SMB (Samba/CIFS) client
My Photos Live 2.2.1 Works, dims after 30 seconds, Animated Slideshow & Live Wallpaper
Dropbox 2.2.1 Web-based file hosting service
Photo Slides 2.2.1 Works, doesn't dim, animated Slideshow & Live Wallpaper with clock
HD Wallpapers 2.2.1 HD Wallpapers to view/download
VTL Launcher 2.2.1 Launcher based on ADW launcher. With a horizontal dock
Sugarsync 2.2.1 Web-base file hosting service with music streaming
Audio Manager 2.2.1 Manage individual audio channels, ie alarms, alerts, media. It also has a status bar shortcut
Sky+ 2.2.1 TV guide and remote record function. Great landscape ui
Plume 2.2.1 Twitter client, works great in landscape
Greader 2.2.1 Google reader app works fine
Squeezebox 2.2.1 Squeezebox controller
TideApp 2.2.1 Tide table app works great
WidgetLocker Lockscreen 2.2.1 Fullscreen Lockscreen, add widgets to the lockscreen
Beautiful Widgets 2.2.2 Nice homescreen weather/clock app with animated weather graphics.
Pandora Internet Radio 2.2.2 Music Streaming. Main app and widget work great (maybe US only?) Dinner Spinner 2.2.2 Recipe App, looks good on large screen

Applications that work with issues

Name of App Android Version Tested Comments
Jango 2.2.1 Works with WIFI Only, also users are not able to login to their account
myPlayer **version 1.000** 2.2.1 Live Radio streams working only,BBC Iplayer client

Applications that do not work

Name of App Android Version Tested Comments
Netflix 2.2.2 "Application Not Installed" Error
TuneIn Radio 2.2.2 Invalid Package