Mijuu Release 1.2.4

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Original Mijuu Release 1.2.4

The release notes for the rom are as follows.

New: Embed Mplayer player in the player interface Zhong increase the eject button (base code is based on android-s5 Xiangmu unfinished Mplayer, bug fixes and added features online video playback, but audio and stability Huan There are some small problems) after compression to increase the memory swap function, the values ​​in the grub.cfg adjust, for example, to set the compression mode, 400M memory, which was revised to 409,600, the theoretical case, the memory can be compressed more than 1 to 3 times


  • correction CIFS, Windows file sharing to access
  • the audio driver alsa configuration bug fix
  • changes after correction the high rate of CPU utilization
  • fix some of the need to install the software on the SD card installation failure
  • fix the problem of suspended animation top button


  • Brightness default minimum
  • off by default wired LAN

Tweaked Version

jp_hero released a version of Mijuu's 1.2.4 Rom that has the Google apps and the market pre-installed.

This is a whole usb image based on a 4gb drive. You will need a blank 4gb or bigger usb drive and a program to write disk images to a usb drive. I suggest the program mentioned here [1] You can get my image here [2]. Once it has downloaded unzip the folder and then use the previous program to write it to your blank usb drive.

A few things to note about this version are as follows. Android Market pre-installed, it will work straight out of the box with having to clear anything. You need to accept a few permissions at first which pop up in the notification area. Also the first few downloads may freeze, just cancel the download, reboot and try again. After a few attempts it should sort itself out.

AudioManager, Beebplayer, Button Savior, Dropbox, Spare Parts and QuikMarketLinks are pre-installed as well. Once you have connected to the internet and got the market to download please run Quikmarketlinks use it to re-establish links to the Android Market so that your device downloads future updates. You just need to click through the list of apps let it find them in the market and voila that's it. DO NOT DO THIS for Beebplayer as the new version does not let you lsiten to the BBC radio stations. Some of the system apps like Street View, Calendar, News and weather will not find a link but don't worry.

Ethernet is disabled by default, if you plan to use it you need to turn it back on in the settings menu.

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