2.2 Swifty Release

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(Swifty Release) The first one was pioneered by "swifty" and is available here Android Prebuild Image This version is a barebones installation of Android Froyo (2.2) using code from the Android x86 project


The Joggler has no hardware buttons, but Android-X86 includes support for virtual MENU/HOME/BACK buttons. See http://www.android-x86.org/documents/touch-only-device-howto We've also added a Shutdown/Reboot feature via touch-only. Just activate the touch-only support and tap on the the left corner of the status bar. You can install Apps by putting the .apks in /data/app (e.g. using your PC). General: If you apply the patches from Build Android Image, you get a system with usable, though slow graphics. Touchscreen works, Ethernet works, Wifi works, Sound works. :-) No Android Market, but you can install AndAppStore

See also Build Android Image and Android Prebuild Image and Kernel Patches.