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I'm hoping this page will become a decent resource for stimulating people in to getting Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 (UNE or otherwise) to work on the Joggler.

Progress so far

Attempt No.1

I partly followed Ubuntu Netbook Remix guide to get things started for myself, and managed to accidentally get Plymouth working, but not any of the networking.

  1. Create the 100MB FAT16 Partition on your memory stick, and the rest ext3.
  2. Install Ubuntu on to the ext3 partition
  3. Take the files from the Ubuntu Netbook Remix page and copy them across (horrendous kludge)

Funnily enough this didn't work. It managed to get the wireless and wired networking to display, but not connect. I expect the next step is to recompile the kernel with some patches in place, but that is beyond my ability.

Attempt No.2

I found the Lucid kernel compiles in Kernel Patches which are stored as debs and fail with dependencies. I've been suggested to use:

  • dpkg -x foo.deb /tmp/foo
  • dpkg -i --force-all foo.deb

To extract or force install the deb.


  • Lucid apparently doesn't come with evtouch, evdev or the right sound modules
    • So we've kind of gone backwards since Karmic worked so well, but anyway, it's something to consider.
  • I believe we may also have some success with this recent GMA500 patch