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Official Patches

The official source code changes from the openframe team are available here:

Full source code for GPL parts:

Third-party Patches

Various kernel patches have been released by third parties to fix some bugs with non-O2 operating systems.

grub-gop-video-v1.patch is a preliminary patch for Android, that fixes many (but not all) of the graphical glitches.

joggler-backlight-2.6.32-v1.patch adds a backlight driver to allow brightness control.

joggler-i2c-fix-2.6.32-v1.patch is a fix to allow reading of the integrated light sensor (see readlightsensor.c for example code).

joggler-sound-fix-2.6.32-v2.patch fixes broken sound. Add idle=halt to the kernel boot options (in 2.6.32 and above) to prevent hissing. If you're using the latest EFI, edit grub.cfg on the FAT16 partition to do this.

Many thanks to adq on #mer.

Here's an Ubuntu 9.10 kernel with joggler-* patches applied:

Here's an Ubuntu 10.04 kernel with joggler-* patches applied: (Although it does not have the iegd graphics driver or evtouch touchscreen driver, so don't expect to use X under lucid. You will need to install kernel-tools-common of a newer version but it doesn't matter)

You may have to pin these kernels, because regular updates will otherwise replace them with unpatched ones. (Hint: pin them before you apt-get update).

And: a vanilla with joggler patches. This includes a kernel (vmlinuz and initrd) added to the efi-nokeyboard.tar.gz (which includes a grub configured to boot without a keyboard):

.config files are available at:


[Initial thoughts are that the version from jogglerhacks is a better starting point.]

2.6.34 Patches

Forward ported the patches to 2.6.34: See for details.

Binary download

If all this doesn't make much sense to you, you can just download a nicely packaged efi partition: A EFI containing a recent kernel with the patches listed above applied: