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I have noticed that a few of the tutorials do not go in to enough details, and some of them even have the packages wrong, so here is a comprehensive guide to booting UNR on the Joggler :)

  1. Plug your USB stick into another linux machine, format it so that you have an ms-dos partition table, 100MB fat16 partition, and an ext3 partition, this can be done in a program like gparted.
    1. Its important that you do this outside of the installer as otherwise, it will fail.
    2. I used a 4GB stick, and i have heard that it fails on much larger sticks (16GB) a way to maybe resolve this would be to make the ext3 partition below 4GB, but i havent tested as i do not have a larger memory stick on me
  2. write the Ubuntu Netbook Remix (here: http://www.ubuntu.com/GetUbuntu/download-netbook) to a disk (it failed when i tried to do it through a VM) and boot from it, once you are at the boot menu, select “Install Ubuntu Netbook Remix” (2nd option)
  3. Once it has loaded the installer, insert the USB stick you partitioned earlier and choose your settings as normal until you get to the partitioning page. Make sure you click “Specify Partitions Manually”
  4. Click on the ext3 partition on the USB drive, and make sure it is used as / but do not format it, then ensure that if you are installing on a computer with linux already on it that it is not using the original swap space, in order to stop it you just need to select the swap partition, and set it to “Do Not Use”
  5. Click next, it should give you a warning about not using the FAT16 partition, and a warning about the swap space, you can safely disregard both of these.
  6. Now that the partitioning is done, keep clicking next until you get to the final screen (where it says install and gives you a rundown) look through the settings and ensure nothing is being formatted, then click “Advance” and untick the “Install bootloader” box.
  7. Click install, and go get some coffee because its going to take a while (mine took just under 2 hours, reminds me of the good ol’ windows 98 installation days)
  8. Download the following two files:
    1. http://www.newforumnetwork.com/files/joggler_partition1_fat16.tar.bz2
    2. http://www.newforumnetwork.com/files/joggler_partition2_ext3.tar.gz
  9. Put the USB stick into your linux machine (dont boot from it yet) and extract each archive into the correct partition, make sure they dont go into a folder, when you extract the second archive it will ask about overwriting, just select yes to all.
  10. Go into the second partition on the USB stick and find: /etc/fstab
  11. Once you have found it, comment everything out apart from your ext3 partition, and the /proc line.
  12. Insert the USB stick into a USB hub with a keyboard and boot up, give it a minute or two and you should see some terminal

code with an error, this is because the Joggler doesn’t save the time, so it thinks its somewhere in 1980, simple fix, drop down to the maintinance shell using ctrl+D and run fsck, then reboot using “shutdown -r now”

And thats it, your 12-step guide to booting UNR :D


  • Sound, does not work out of the box but will work once the last line has been removed from /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf
    • However in order to fix the crackling you must plug the USB stick into a host computer, and change the name of /lib/modules/KERNALVERSION/kernal/drivers/acpi/processor.ko on the second partition.
  • Sound through the headphone jack can now be enabled by adding 'options snd-hda-intel model=ref' without quotes to the last line of alsa-base.conf.
    • Note: - when this is enabled there will be no sound through the joggler's internal speakers.
  • Backlight, it is very dim
  • Wired Ethernet may not work if it reports its MAC as FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF which most switches won't like (type ifconfig at the console to see). To correct this enter the correct MAC (from the sticker on the back) into the NetworkManager applet, or if you're using the /etc/network/interfaces file add the line 'hwaddress ether aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff' in the iface eth0 section.
  • Fixing the Ethernet adapter (if required) http://www.jogglerwiki.info/index.php?title=Ubuntu_Netbook_Edition



Dysentry from the Joggler.info forums has created a new image with a few of the fixes applied. The download is now down to 700mb but will untar to 3.7gb. Use DD to restore this image to your USB Drive. http://www.joggler.info/forum/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=235

Fixes required after image

CracklingSound Fix

Add idle=halt to Grub.cfg.

FSTab (Speeds things up)

Add "noatime," without the quotes to the line starting UUID, after "EXT3" and Before "errors".

Audio Jack Fix

Add "options snd-hda-intel model=ref" without quotes as the last line of alsa-base.conf.

This image boots first time everytime, is very quick and has no sound crackling (Only works via external speakers though after the above fix).