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The install procedure is much the same as that for Mer, but you'll need a USB stick of minimum 4GB.

You'll also need these two archives:

Again, your USB stick needs 2 partitions - a 64MB FAT16 partition, and the rest ext3. The efi goes on the first partition:

  • cd /media/partition1 (or similar)
  • tar pzxvf /wherever/you/put/efi.tar.gz

And the OS goes on the second:

  • cd /media/partition2 (or similar)
  • sudo tar --numeric-owner -pjxvf /wherever/you/put/ubmid.tar.bz2

Note that you need to run the second tar as root because the ext3 partition was created by root, Ignore any "implausibly old time stamp" errors.

Booting is simple - just insert the USB stick into the joggler and switch it on. No hub, no keyboard, no mashing Esc. Simple!

(this is due to using efi.tar.gz instead of the standard mer-efi.tar.gz)


Sound does not work with these instructions