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GRUB2 needs patches to allow it to initialize video correctly and show the framebuffer console when booting. Another problem was that it did not have a TextModeHack.

For the technical side of these problems: GRUB2 did not pass correct video information in the linux kernel parameters due to it only supporting UGA video. Thanks to bean's patch, I was able to construct a working GRUB2. UPDATE: now with adq's updated patch, we no longer need to use screen.efi as it contains a TextModeHack now - thanks to him for the great hack!


To compile GRUB2:

cd grub-1.98/loader/i386/efi/
patch -p1 linux.c < grub-gop-video-v1.patch
  • ./configure --with-platform=efi
  • Run 'make'

Once you have grub built you need to create a custom executable with all the modules you want

./grub-mkimage -d . -o ../grub.efi part_msdos part_gpt fat ext2 hfsplus normal sh chain boot configfile linux help reboot acpi pci search
  • part_msdos : reads msdos partition tables
  • part_gpt : gpt partition tables
  • fat : reads FAT filesystem
  • ext2 : reads ext2/3 filesystems
  • hfsplus : apple filesytems
  • normal : basic grub
  • sh : uses
  • chain : may be useful to run the original O2 boot.efi
  • boot : allow it to boot
  • configfile : reads the menu from a config
  • linux : understand the linux kernel
  • help : online help
  • reboot : !
  • acpi : May be needed to access internal acpi devices
  • cpi : May be needed to access internal pci devices
  • search : Enables searching for devices by label


To use it on the device from an external stick:

  • put grub.efi in the root of a usb fat partition on a stick
  • go through the <esc> tapping and type: "fs1:grub" blind

To make this automatic:

  • you can go to shell and edit the fs0:boot.nsh
  • Put in the root of the FAT partition, file boot.nsh:
  • And file startup.nsh:
  • Put in a grub.cfg file in \efi\tools (sample one linked, not working, you need to edit it). See elilo config in the other post for inspiration.
  • If you do not need interactivity with the menu (letting it time out to the default item), you do not have to press ESC at bootup.

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