SqueezePlay for OpenFrame

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Paul Webster
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Re: SqueezePlay for OpenFrame

Post by Paul Webster »

Looked like the same brightness when it came back. Certainly did not go back to 100% on return.
However, I was running .84 on another Joggler and that seemed to behave like I now see in .85

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Re: SqueezePlay for OpenFrame

Post by jogglerhase »

Sorry - coming back late to the game...

Is there any way to test it w/o a complete reinstall?
(I just put my Joggler back in the wall mounting and LMS including all plugins and other software is installed... although roobarb! made it as easy as possible, I am still hesitant to do a reinstall)

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Re: SqueezePlay for OpenFrame

Post by roobarb! »

jogglerhase wrote:
Thu Jun 25, 2020 5:42 pm
Is there any way to test it w/o a complete reinstall?
Well, yes, it should be - but that would very much depend upon me knowing what it was that fixed the problem! :D

Honestly, I don't know what this was. I can't see anything in my changes that would really have fixed this. I made some configuration improvements, but good practice stuff rather which were all preliminary to really digging around... but then the problem was gone.

Perhaps it was something odd in the .83 kernel or a bug in the Xserver packages which have been resolved - but in that second case a simple apt update && apt upgrade should fix it - which it hasn't on my kitchen Joggler. Neither did the kernel upgrade I did.

So... sorry, I've not got to the bottom of why this is fixed!

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Re: SqueezePlay for OpenFrame

Post by offbeatdave »

Hmm, I'm running the updated version here, but still experiencing the 'back to full brightness' bug. Might have to try it on a different unit.

(Bizarrely, a few days before I did this, the previous version completely 'fixed' itself (100% issue disappeared and backlight turned off completely when screensaver set to screen off). I foolishly rebooted and the issues reappeared.)
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