Alter install script PnP III v3.60 to exclude games?

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Alter install script PnP III v3.60 to exclude games?

Post by riaclark » Tue Apr 16, 2019 7:23 pm

Hello, I recently was given a Joggler, and have found the forum invaluable, particular with respect to finding PnP III v3.60 July 2017 Update For Joggler which I have implemented. I am using the device in the kitchen purely as a media player, primarily music. I am never going to use the games, and I wondered if there is an elegant way to prevent them being installed.

I think the part of the script in /files that installs many of the games is below as opapps.tar as this contains blindspot, bobosnake, brickshex etc.,

#Note: Removes OP Youtube app as 'ours' is configureable
echo "Cleaning up..."
cd /openpeak/gui/apps
tar xvf /mnt/files/opapps.tar -C /openpeak/gui/apps

But it also has apps that I want such as op_music, op_photos etc., so I can't simply comment out the line
"tar xvf /mnt/files/opapps.tar -C /openpeak/gui/apps".

Does anyone have any suggestion? This was asked in the forum several years ago, but I couldn't find a conclusive solution. There is a part of the script that controls the menu:-

cd /openpeak/gui/mainmenus
rm menuData.cookie
cp -r /mnt/files/menuData.cookieop /openpeak/gui/mainmenus
mv menuData.cookieop menuData.cookie
chmod a+x menuData.cookie

A solution might be to move all the games to the last page, and have the current last page as the second page. Looking at menuData.cookie with a text editor shows mixture of binary stuff and plain text, but the plain stuff does show that this determines the menu order.

I would be very grateful for any suggestions.

Kind regards, Robert

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