Enabling USB Soundcard without PnP

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Enabling USB Soundcard without PnP

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PnP and other OS's been there done that, do not want to t-shirt. I now have a fresh Joggler with thanks to Roobarb!'s great reflashing tool and decided to just install iplayer and Squeezebox as this is all I require. What I would love to achieve is the ability to improve the sound quality with a USB soundcard but do not know really which one to go for and how to enable it?
On a side note has anyone used a bluetooth dongle with native os as this looks like a great piece of kit http://www.concept-av.co.uk/shop/access ... 4QodBGeCWQ to get audio to the hifi?

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Re: Enabling USB Soundcard without PnP

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To enable external USB sound card you need to ensure that the pcm.default! section of your /etc/asound.conf files looks like this:

pcm.!default {
type hw
card 1

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