Making my Joggler useful again

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Making my Joggler useful again

Post by Boysmum »

I’ve re-discovered my joggler in a cupboard and I’m sure it ought to be useful. It’d be most useful as a family kitchen clock, radio and calendar but the calendars on it are unusable as they won’t let me log in. I’m assuming everything on the Joggler is out of date.

We have google calendar as a family which would be useful on this as a central point for it.

Please Could someone advise me on how to set this thing up to do the things listed above. I’m happy to fiddle with it but I’m afraid I need step by step instructions if it involves downloading software etc.

ThNks in advance - this hardware seems to good to discard.

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Re: Making my Joggler useful again

Post by roobarb! »

Your best bet to just get it doing something vaguely useful quickly is probably to try SqueezePlay OS on an external memory stick, though that won't get you Google Calendar. The user interface is always the sticking point - showing a calendar isn't too tricky, but interacting with it is.

Oh, or you could use Shairport OS - that is actually useful immediately for music playback if you have an iOS device and I still use it. Still no calendar, though!

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