Joggler for sale

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Joggler for sale

Post by dougbarry »

Dear All,

One joggler for sale, sadly the PSU died some time ago, and I've chucked it out. I have run this joggler off another PSU to make sure it still works (~6 weeks ago) and ran up some alternative images and a full boot of the updated openpeak FW which is on the internal storage. It's been about 4 years since I really used this thing, and now its time for a clear out. The screen is in good condition, and it will be in the original box. I will not be supplying a PSU, but suitable alternatives have been noted on these forums several times.

I accept paypal, and will ship anywhere in the UK.

Ebay item:
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Re: Joggler for sale

Post by pete »

Yes here utilize POE power splitters for Gb connectivity to the Joggler which have worked now for years. I only do this for LAN wired Jogglers. For wireless jogglers continue to utilize the Openpeak PS. Any 2 AMP 5DC regulated power supply will work with these.

All Electronics has UK style 2 AMP power supplies for $7.50 USD if anyone is interested.

See here: ... ugs/1.html
- Pete

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