2 x Jogglers For Sale (Sold)

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2 x Jogglers For Sale (Sold)

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I have had two Jogglers sitting around for a while that are surplus to my requirements, they are both in reasonable condition and I know one was barely used - probably a couple of weeks at the most. I was using them in a home automation system originally.

1) I am sure one is an OpenPeak firmware unit as it has a different box to the others I have and I seem to remember that it had a different boot logo. This is the unit I hardly used and I think it may have been from O2 when I returned an older unit because it was faulty.

2) The other is the more popular O2 firmware unit, this was used a bit more but still not used for that much IIRC. This unit I did originally take the Wifi card out of so the back strip which covered the screw holes (with the MAC/IMEI number on) is missing, I have however put the card back in and it now works as it did it is just that it has been opened and that piece of strip is missing.

I have run Linux on them which seems to have corrupted the on board firmware so neither boots into the O2 OS like it used to (and gives the white screen on startup) however they both boot into Linux with the aid of a USB drive and the boot image. I don't have the knowledge, patience or need to restore the original OS so just left them alone. The boxes are a little tatty because they have been involved in a house move, the piece of plastic that keeps the screen in position in the box is missing but I will just pack it so it does not move during transit.

Looking for £40 for the pair and £5 P&P (likely to be by courier due to the weight). Shipped from the West Midlands.

Thanks...any questions just ask.
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