Spdif output on Squeezebox OS

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Spdif output on Squeezebox OS

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I am going to add a spdif output to my joggler (running Squeezebox OS), as described in this wiki page:

Before opening the joggler I'd like to be sure that this mod works for jogglers running the SqueezePlay OS.
The list of the devices differs a little from the one in the wiki:

joggler@joggler:/$ cat /proc/asound/devices
1: : sequencer
2: [ 0- 1]: digital audio playback
3: [ 0- 1]: digital audio capture
4: [ 0- 0]: digital audio playback
5: [ 0- 0]: digital audio capture
6: [ 0- 0]: hardware dependent
7: [ 0] : control
33: : timer

The wiki instructs how to edit the file asound.conf, but this file does not exist.

Did anyone add the spdif output to a Joggler running the SqueezePlay OS?
Do I need to edit any configuration file?

Any help is welcome. Thank you

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