Using a 5VDC 2.5 AMP POE injector with Joggler

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Re: Using a 5VDC 2.5 AMP POE injector with Joggler

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I dunno.

I have / had an issue with the master bedroom touchscreens on the nightstands. I didn't want to use wireless at the time.

The old copper telephone wires were installed with Cat5e in the early 2000's. I had one wall plate behind the bed. The wire was run on an outside wall that was insulated. I used that wire for a managed POE switch that fits in a wall box. The original design was done by 3 Com then purchased by HP.

New ones are Gb managed mini small footprint fit mostly in the box devices. Interesting concept but a bit difficult to manage in enterprise office environments. Imagine for a minute one managed switch per cubicle in a large office.
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