Little tweak which is probably of no use to anyone but me...

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Little tweak which is probably of no use to anyone but me...

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...but I thought I'd share anyway, on the off-chance it might help somebody else!

I'm on the original O2 software with PnPIII installed, but I wanted a very clean, minimal look for both my Jogglers. I got down to 15 icons on page 1 of the "desktop" and just the Games and Tools folders on page 2, which I never use. I wanted to remove them to get rid of the "next page" arrow on the right so I'd just have 1 screen but it seems this isn't possible. So as a workaround, I decompiled the .swf file which acts as the Joggler's main menu, replacing the arrows with blank images. The functionality is still there, I.E. if you press the screen it will move on to page 2, but now it looks like there is only 1 screen. I'm not sure anybody else at all will need it, but I thought I'd give a little something back to a community I've taken so much from!


Download the file o2-mainmenu.swf
Navigate to /openpeak/gui/mainmenus
Rename o2-mainmenu.swf to o2-mainmenu.swf.backup
Put my .swf file in that folder
Restart Tango

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