SqueezeplayerOS: "Due to Rights Restrictions..."

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SqueezeplayerOS: "Due to Rights Restrictions..."

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Hi All
quite possibly not a joggler issue per se, but anyway...

I run SQPOS on a joggler; I've recently changed my home server but I imagine that is not relevant. Sometimes, recently, when listening to BBC Radio4 say, a male voice cuts in with a repeating message:
Due to Rights Restrictions, this part of the program is unavailable
This seems to carry on until I relaunch the Joggler app. I am in the UK and 'rights restrictions' shouldn't be an issue. Any idea what might be going on and how to fix it?

Thanks a lot, Jon N
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Re: SqueezeplayerOS: "Due to Rights Restrictions..."

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You don't say which Plugin you are using, but there is also this thread

https://forums.slimdevices.com/showthre ... strictions

It might just be a BBC "thing" :?

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Re: SqueezeplayerOS: "Due to Rights Restrictions..."

Post by roobarb! »

Certainly a BBC thing.

They've been very focused on delivering content through BBC Sounds rather than open delivery methods like RSS or plain MP3 feeds. That's why there is more exclusive content on their app which can't be found elsewhere. The reasons behind it make some sense, as they can use the statistical information that the app relays back to them in order to determine which programmes are popular, how long people are listening, what they skip, etc, etc. This is also fed back to the programme makers; Radcliffe and Maconi's weirdly positioned weekend morning show on 6Music is one of BBC Sounds most popular time-shifted programmes, for example.

Sadly that does mess things up for us open platform folk, as rights holders could (and it would seem do) insist that their content is not openly streamed. Radio 4 and 5Live have a lot of content produced by external companies, so you're more likely to experience it there.
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