More wallpapers for Squeezeplay - a simple guide

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More wallpapers for Squeezeplay - a simple guide

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hi jogglers,

here's a simple step-by-step guide to adding more wallpapers to your squeezeplay.

NOTE: this applies only to Squeezeplay installed on top of stock O2 OS and its mods (PnP II, etc.)

1. get yourself some nice wallpapers, making sure they are of 800x480 resolution. This page may be helpful, or - if you don't want to wait, here is my selection: (thanks to InterfaceLIFT collection).

2. stick them onto your usb stick (if you use my collection, don't forget to unzip it first)

3. plug the stick into your joggler

4. launch 'Photos' app

5. click "USB" button (top right corner of the screen)

6. select the wallpapers you'd like to add (there should be previews of all the images on your stick)

7. click "Add" button (bottom right corner of the screen), then click "Next"

8. now, launch your Squeezeplay

9. go to Settings > Image Viewer > Browse Media

10. scroll down to the folder called 'media' and click on it. Your wallpapers should already be there :)

11. select the one you like, then long press on it to initiate dialog box. on "Use picture as wallpaper".


o2 joggler with PnP mk II
+ birdslikewires squeezeplay
+ tweaks: customised icons, rss feeds, radio stations

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