XBMC PVR on the Joggler ?

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XBMC PVR on the Joggler ?

Post by Tommes » Sun Feb 19, 2012 8:25 pm

Hi there,

has anyone successful running XBMC PVR on the Joggler ?
My tries failed :(

I've tried vdr as backend (yavdr/unstable), xbmc can connect via vdr plugin xvdr or vnsiserver
At the XBMC from the yavdr-repo (eden beta 3), it should work with xvdr or vnsi, but
vdr-plugin-xvdr couldn't connect to vdr and vdr-plugin-vnsiserver couldn't be installed,
it depends on vdr-abi (?)
The xbmc version of pulse eight (eden beta 2) should work only with vnsi. i couldn't test
it, too, cause of the vdr-plugin-vnsiserver.
All other tested xbmc-ppa, xbmc was closed at startup. I've tried ppa of Lars Opdenkamp
and the ppa of Alexandr Surkov ...

Do you have any hints ?

Greets, Tommes
Hardware: O2 Joggler/Patriot XPorter XT Rage 8GB/Medion X10 rc
Software: Xubuntu 11.10 / XBMC + YaVDR
Streaming: Seagate Dockstar/Afatech DVB-T/2xUSB-HD (incl. rsync-backup) - Debian Squeeze + YaVDR (streamdev)

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