Update Control - Fixes the Reboot Loop Problem

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Update Control - Fixes the Reboot Loop Problem

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Update Control v1.01 - DOWNLOAD
16th November 2011

With the kind donation of a misbehaving Joggler by Mr_Dave, I have managed to create an update control tool that will disable (and re-enable) update checking with OpenPeak. If your Joggler repeatedly finds an update to install and keeps rebooting, this should fix it.


Full instructions are on my Update Control for Joggler page, but the quick version is:

1. Download the zip file and copy the contents of the zip file to a FAT16 or FAT32 formatted USB stick.
2. Make sure you have copied all the files, including the '.sum' file.
3. Plug the USB stick into a powered-off Joggler.
4. Power on the Joggler and wait until the normal interface appears.

Please consult the README in the zip file for more details.

Your Joggler should beep twice if updates have been disabled, and beep once if they have been re-enabled.


Certain units, when contacting OpenPeak to check for updates, provoke a response which makes the Joggler believe there is an update to be applied. However, no valid update is ever successfully installed, which causes the loop. Update Control for Joggler makes a tiny change to the libOPUtil.so library file, preventing the Joggler from reaching the OpenPeak servers, breaking the reboot cycle. There are additional update scripts in the Joggler's software which may still attempt to connect to OpenPeak, but these do not appear to have an active function at this time.

It took a little digging to find where this update check was located and wouldn't have been possible without Mr_Dave providing a unit that exhibited the problem, so we have him to thank for this problem finally being fixed! :)
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