Cannot connect to WiFi on SqueezePlay OS, please help!

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Re: Cannot connect to WiFi on SqueezePlay OS, please help!

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Thought I'd better add to this after resurrecting another SqueezePlayin' Joggler.

Full procedure as follows.
  • Reflash Joggler if necessary.
  • Connect to Ethernet LAN and boot Joggler. Go into Settings -> Network and note down the IP address.
  • SSH into the joggler using the IP address. username joggler, password joggler.
  • cd to /etc/network
  • Now create a wpa-passphrase. All special characters in your WPA key must be escaped with a backslash - so for example, if your SSID is Fred and passkey Fred$is~23*\super you need to enter sudo wpa_passphrase Fred Fred\$is\~23\*\\super
  • You should get a response like this :
  • Edit the interfaces file: sudo vi /etc/network/interfaces and append the following to the wlan section:
    wpa-ssid "Fred"
    wpa-psk 523b009aa1c4c64287cefe98871eb3898ebdaee8055bbdbcf1606d99d2042e9a

    (obviously use the SSID and PSK that you got from the wpa-passphrase command)
  • Save the interfaces file and write protect it using sudo u-w /etc/network/interfaces
  • Disable eth0 (the wired network interface): sudo ifdown eth0
  • The joggler should disconnect your SSH session. Reboot and it should be connected to your wireless interface.

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