interesting Joggler mod!

General discussion relating to the O2 Joggler, from the default O2 setup, to alternative operating systems and applications.
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interesting Joggler mod!

Post by bally3 »

Was googling my joggler video woes on Android and came across this interesting Joggler / BT vision mod: ... s-to-Medi/

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Re: interesting Joggler mod!

Post by roobarb! »

That's cool. I dismantled one of those Vision boxes as well, and the PSU is a very handy little design.

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Re: interesting Joggler mod!

Post by hawsey »

I love instructables and missed this one so cheers for the post :-)
I have canabalised a few old vision boxes in the past mainly for the hard drive , two for old original boxes and one for an old tower :-)
Happy Joggling

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