A question to the experts

Discussion for non Joggler hardware / software including software for devices that share similarities with the O2 Joggler Hardware. This section has been opened for discussion of things like the settings up the EMGD drivers on other hardware using Ubuntu, as discussion of this has been banned at the official Ubuntu Forums.
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A question to the experts

Post by jogglerhase »

I have an old Asus Eee PC 1101HA, it runs the same CPU & GPU as the Joggler (Z520 and GMA500).
I have it running Debian, however the issue is that all Linux distros for that Eee PC have no grafic driver sing hardware acceleration , so even SD Video does not play.
(In the related forms it is stated that for the GMA 500 there are only proprietary windows video drivers using hardware acceleration available)

However, in this forum I seem to remember it is stated that the Joggler Linux distros do allow for playing even 1080p H.264 video!

My question: How do you do it on the Joggler?
What are the grafic drivers used for that and - how can I (w/o deep Linux knowledge.... ) potentially use these drivers for the Eee PC runnign Debian?
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Re: A question to the experts

Post by pete »

I have the smaller Asus Eee PC 900 series here still not used in a long time. It dual booted to XP and Ubuntu Linux. Let me look at it.

I used to use it a lot when traveling a few years back.

There used to be an Asus Eee PC forum with all sorts of modes to it. Personally here upgraded the RAM and extended the eMMC to an SD card.

For HD (1080) on the Openpeak (with two speakers in front) I was able to get early XBMC running fine in HD mode with a Crystal HD mini PCiE card removing the then installed combo Bluetooth and WLAN card.
- Pete
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Re: A question to the experts

Post by roobarb! »

Depending on the compression ratio 1080p can play on the Joggler, though it's pointless given the 480p (5:3) display. Very roughly, the more compressed the video, the harder the CPU has to work to decode it (this isn't always true, there are a lot of factors at play in H.264 compression).

On your Asus I'm guessing it's handling a windowed desktop environment as well as playing the video? That'll be chomping through your resources and on the Joggler a desktop is often not necessary, which may be why you're seeing such a difference.

I tried with a Crystal HD card on an OpenFrame2 and had no luck. I think I messed up the driver or something. Perhaps that's something to revisit. :)
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Re: A question to the experts

Post by alexis92 »

What roobarb said! Not much reason to play 1080p on a 480p display, although the WIki page for the Joggler does at least make mention of H.264 playback on the GPU specs.
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