OpenPeak 2 "The Bracket" removal

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OpenPeak 2 "The Bracket" removal

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Over the last three to four years here have disassembled 2-3 Openpeak 2 devices. These are the ones with the speakers in the front.

Decided over the last few weeks that these make very nice Squeezebox players running the newest OS (Thank-you Andy) on the 2Gb MMC partition.

So now here wanting to hang one on the bathroom wall sort of flush mounted. What is nice about this is that all you need is a little 2" square hole to pass any cables from it. (power, network or USB). Here all of the Jogglers are on tables or whatever. Cutting holes in the wall is very low on the WAF these days. (this is from the mounting of 15"-17" touchscreens in walls (note not on the walls)).

Tried initially to pull out the little plastic clip with the logo on it above the metal pivot bracket. Broke the metal bracket doing this.

Found the easiest way to remove the metal bracket is to pull the bracket out so that it is approximately 90 degrees from the OpenPeak 2 device. Then the little plastic bracket comes right off. The metal bracket then slide up the back of the Openpeak and out.

Here I broke the metal tabs on the bracket pulling it out instead of sliding it up.

The metal bracket has little metal ears on it that slide in the plastic and are held in place by the small plastic cover. When the metal bracket is flush to the back of the Openpeak 2 it pushes on the plastic clip to keep it in place.
- Pete
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