Help - Suggestions OpenFrame 2

Discussion for non Joggler hardware / software including software for devices that share similarities with the O2 Joggler Hardware. This section has been opened for discussion of things like the settings up the EMGD drivers on other hardware using Ubuntu, as discussion of this has been banned at the official Ubuntu Forums.
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Help - Suggestions OpenFrame 2

Post by pete » Sat Jun 22, 2013 5:45 pm

I have not had the "guts" yet to solder a micro SD card slot to my Openframe 2 experiment. I have never done this before and I question my own "confidence" level in said endeavor.

The attached picture shows the Openframe 2 micro SD pinouts. The micro SD card slot I purchased has 10 pins. I think that the two on the top are only connecting to a physical switch and do not really do anything for the Openframe 2 connection.

OR does the big square solder blob mean that its pin #1 and I should shift the SD reader down some?

I think I have it placed over the pins the way it should be soldered?

I have now ordered a mini pcie hd processor card and waiting to test (geez now waiting almost 2 weeks for it).

I also ordered a mini pcie IDE card as I tested msata and it doesn't work on the mini pcie card slot. I also am having issues with the Broadcom bluetooth combo wireless card. The wireless piece works well and I can load the blue tooth drivers and do get a mac address but it doesn't appear to be working right. It might need some sort of software to hardware physical switch turn on?

I now have two Openframe 2 devices totally disassembled. On one the Gb built in NIC works perfectly and on the other it doesn (relating to XP). Relating to Linux they both work just fine. One also has a socketed boot EFI chip and the other has a soldered one in place. Physically I have noticed similiar but different motherboards in the two Openframe 2's in question. Both though have "CMOS" batteries such that they keep the date and time. The difference though related to having a Zigbee set up or a DECT setup. Not sure if there are any around with the two setups.

Any suggestions?

The bottom picture is a google of what appears to be the same micro SD card slot thing.
- Pete

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