$13 USD voice assistant for Home Assistant

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$13 USD voice assistant for Home Assistant

Post by pete »

Reading this:

https://www.home-assistant.io/voice_con ... ce-remote/

purchasing this:

https://shop.m5stack.com/products/atom- ... f=NabuCasa

Works I am a happy camper

Details for my installation are here:

https://cocoontech.com/threads/13-voice ... ant.33517/

Currently running Home Assistant, Homeseer and CumulusMX on a Lenova Tiny M900. HA running in Virtual Box. Also running MS SAPI in a Windows Virtual box on same computer.
- Pete
O2 Jogglers running EFI Ubuntu / Squeezeplayer
OpenPeak Voip Telephony / Zigbee tabletops hardware modded with Seabios / RTC / Ethernet ROM edits / SSD drives running XPe for automation screens

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Re: $13 USD voice assistant for Home Assistant

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Looking good Pete

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Happy Joggling
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