Cisco Cius/OpenPeak OpenTablet 7

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Cisco Cius/OpenPeak OpenTablet 7

Post by D4rk4 » Tue Mar 26, 2019 7:58 pm

I have 2 Cisco Cius, and i found way how I can upgrade in from Android 2.2 to something more fresh. Any suggestions how I can do it?

I'm also has cius-opensource924-3.tgz from Cisco Inc with GPL code and Android build instructions, but I don't have idea how I can build with it android ICS and flash into device.

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Re: Cisco Cius/OpenPeak OpenTablet 7

Post by roobarb! » Thu Apr 04, 2019 2:50 pm

Looks like an interesting device, but without someone here having one to hand it's not easy to advise.

The first trick would be to try and get command line access to it. Have you tried using telnet or ssh to connect to see if it gives you a command prompt? Is there a USB port on it? Are you prepared to open it and fish around for a test port?

There are lots of ways for it to be done, but if nobody else has one then your best bet is to get to grips with these initial steps and trying them. Google is definitely your friend on this - have a search for "jtag serial interface" and the like if you're prepared to open it up, otherwise it's a case of trial and error. Download the reflash tool (linked below) and just see if that will boot - you never know, you might be lucky! - home of the Reflash System, SqueezePlay (OS) and various tools for the Joggler!

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Re: Cisco Cius/OpenPeak OpenTablet 7

Post by hawsey » Fri Apr 05, 2019 12:59 pm

I think Pete might have had one .

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Re: Cisco Cius/OpenPeak OpenTablet 7

Post by pete » Sun Apr 14, 2019 3:57 pm

I do not have one but do see a bunch of them on Ebay with cradle and hand set these days.

Not a good deal right now here in the US at over $50 USD. They are old and used and worth maybe $30 such that I am waiting.
Over the years here have not been impressed with consumer Cisco labeled hardware (all junk to me) being used to old commercial enterprise Cisco devices.

I agree with Andy relating to these devices.

Open one up for us, show us the motherboard. I am curious whether the boot OS is socketed or soldered in to place, what eMMC it is using or if it has an SSD card in it and maybe a combo wireless/bluetooth card and maybe an RTC with battery....and if it was mfg in China or India. The ones made in China can be easily modified. The ones made in India (well Verizon did this) were not modifiable and very cheap but functional.

Here currently tinkering with those el cheapo Android TV boxes ...specifically an octocore ARM with 3Gb of DDR4 RAM, bluetooth, WLAN and Gb NIC for $50 USD. Runs circles around my Pine64. Boots to an SD card OS then I write the OS to the internal 32Gb eMMC card (easy peasy stuff).

And makes for the ultimate el cheapo KODI box that plays HD 4K with no issues.

It makes for the ultimate micro server here running:

1 - Mono
2 - Homeseer 3
3 - Node Red (docker)
4 - Home Assistant (docker)
5 - MQTT (and Mosquitto server)
6 - Squeezebox server

Hate Android here so replaced the Android OS with Armbian Ubuntu 18.04 64 bit. Tiny thing runs circles around a RPI.
- Pete

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