Beta Windows USB/SD FAT32 format tool

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Beta Windows USB/SD FAT32 format tool

Post by Mevi » Wed Jan 23, 2013 11:01 am

I got an email from the guys at this morning that included news of a new Windows format utility to format USB sticks or SD cards to FAT32.... Designed to align clusters to page boundaries, it should reduce the number of erase/write cycles needed for small files and therefore improve small file write speeds.

It's currently in beta.

The feedback from the users at has been positive and speed improvements have been reported, although I've not tested this myself as all my sticks were "lost" last month. :evil:

I put it in off-topic as I'm not sure how this benefits the Joggler community as we tend to use, Linux, disk images and multiple partitions, but it might come in handy for speedier swapping of files. ... st-version
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