So, I had a small rant on XDA...

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So, I had a small rant on XDA...

Post by jazzmista »

(TL;DR - Thank you for being friendly, Joggler Wiki)

I've just posted this on XDA and I thought I'd cross-post it here. I suppose it's my way of recognising and saying thank you to all the awesome people here on Joggler Wiki, who continually support me and all the other devs. I would have name-dropped this forum but I think that's against the XDA TOS!
its upto the people to believe him or not now come on guys lets just stop this topic and wait for ajay to come up with something amazing
^ This. To be honest, G3 XDA has really gone to pot recently - if we can't respect and support our own developers, then what chance do we have of making our phone better? It's not just this thread, it's others as well (remember Hillbeast's departure?) Put yourself in a developers shoes - what point is there developing something for the community if all you get is constant abuse? I know for certain it's putting developers off developing for the G3.

How do I know this? I know this because I won't develop for this community for fear of being shunned as a noob or a failure for not updating my work every 2 minutes. I've just built an ICS mod for a different device and all I've got on that particular forum (not XDA) is kind words and thanks, even though the latest update has been in the pipeline for about 2 months!

Seriously people, let's keep together and support our devs - let's be the best community we can be and build something awesome :)

[end rant]
I have a feeling I may have gone slightly overboard on this one...

I thought you'd like to read this to show just a glimpse of how dire the situation is on other forums - our device on XDA has lost several members due to the impatience of abuse and other members - yet the mods refuse to do anything about it. The original thread is here ( ... 1579653%20) - makes for some pretty grim reading at times. I quite simply don't understand why people turn on their own developers! Thank goodness we're all friendly on here :)

Sorry for being a bit melodramatic about this, it's just that can't stand the levels of abuse on XDA anymore!

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Re: So, I had a small rant on XDA...

Post by danfoshizzle »

Its especially nice here, people are always helpful, and there is actually a sorta community spirit that I have not seen anywhere else on the internet.
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Re: So, I had a small rant on XDA...

Post by offbeatdave »

I agree - I've not seen anything like this wonderful place anywhere else!

Just speaking from personal experience, the support I had with my PnP Mk II (which itself combined the work of about a dozen other clever people) was fantastic. I don't claim to have anything like the skills of you guys who are developing XP, Android, Ubuntu, Squeezeplay etc. but I can still throw stuff out there, make novice errors and have to ask the blindingly obvious (to others) without fear of criticism. I hope that this continues and see that some of you are already bringing their own knowledge and skills to the party!
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So, I had a small rant on XDA...

Post by roobarb! »

One of the things that originally put me off contributing to projects, and to some extent concerned me about working with computer tech for a living, was the downright grumpy attitude of some developers. I'm really happy to say that in the past few years, I've seen a noticeable reduction in this - I remember when any question was greeted with an angry response, but things are a lot more collaborative these days.

So much so, in fact, that I was completely bowled over when I got a proper old-guard response to a genuinely sensible question at a computer show last year. Made me realise how things have changed! :)

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Re: So, I had a small rant on XDA...

Post by BuZz »

I can understand grumpy devs sometimes. some are just unreasonable, but some of the other projects I have worked on, have been very frustrating with very demanding users - who never EVER bother reading the "read this before posting" message so you get a bug reports like "i tried something and it doesn't work". (over and over again) :) And the old "why haven't you fixed this yet" sort of remarks.

ps. I am quite a grumpy dev at times. Just you lot are too clever and friendly to be grumpy with! :)

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Re: So, I had a small rant on XDA...

Post by gegs »

I think one of the things that benefits this forum is its manageable size. It's easier to find things than on the XBMC forum, for example. Users are less frustrated.

I think that everybody using a forum should do a search, if what they're looking for isn't covered by an obvious menu item. If the search returns 300 entries and you still can't find what you're looking for, ask a question.

I have every sympathy with new users. Often the hardest part is knowing where and how to start. If somebody asks a question I've already answered, I'll search the forum and post a link to the solution. It doesn't take long, saves re-typing the same stuff and it's respectful to the person asking the question.

I do agree that this forum is a very nice place to hang out. Everyone is very helpful and I am literally in awe at how indispensable an item the Joggler has become in my home, all thanks to past and present members of this forum. Not bad for an impulse buy.

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