Zone-Minder Pliable Pixels zmNija client

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Zone-Minder Pliable Pixels zmNija client

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zmNinja has been brought to us by Pliable Pixels, LLC located in Frederick, MD

What is zmNinja?

zmNinja is an awesome home security app that works along with Zone-Minder. Various studies have shown its approximately 73% better than warm butter on toast. zmNinja is not backed by a big corporation. It's just one dude, doing things at 2AM in the morning and then at 10PM at night. That's probably why it rocks

- Multi-OS

zmNinja works on Android as well as iOS. Well, don't just stop there. It also works on Linux, Windows and Mac desktops. And by 'works' I mean 'works gorgeously'.

- Awesome features

zmNinja has awesome features like a fluid montage, event montage and quick scrub just to name a few. Best of all, I'm dog-fooding my app every day and night so I keep adding cool stuff.

- Mobile-first

zmNinja is a mobile first app. It uses the powerful ionic framework as a base and offers native like performance. Folks who have been trying to use Zone-Minder on their mobile phones without my app have had manic bouts of ecstacy after discover zmNinja

- Features

  • Multiple ZM server support
    Live View, Event View
    PTZ support
    Awesome quick scrub mode for events
    Push Notifications! (needs event server)
    Timeline view
    View past events in a montage - think connected events!
    Quick pullup sheet on events
    Fully responsive for tablets and phones
    Native like performance, built using ionic

Been playing a bit here with it. Very impressive.
- Pete

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