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by Wilsondrake
Fri Nov 02, 2018 11:36 am
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Topic: Best working VPN for Kodi on firestick
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Best working VPN for Kodi on firestick

I have been using Kodi for quite a while without any VPN unti, my neighbor got a notice from ISP. Therefore I have started to search a reliable vpn for firestick with kodi. I came across seeing PureVPN as top in here makes me wonder is it good for real ? I h...
by Wilsondrake
Wed May 09, 2018 11:27 am
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Topic: Kodi (Formerly XBMC) Dev/Beta Builds
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Re: Kodi (Formerly XBMC) Dev/Beta Builds

It can't be done on Samsung as it uses Tizen OS . Also you have found yourself at the Kodi specifically for Joggler thread and need to have a look at the Kodi forums for any help . I think you'll need an Android box or similar . Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk Well I came across kodi on sams...