Alter install script PnP III v3.60 to exclude games?

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Alter install script PnP III v3.60 to exclude games?

Post by riaclark » Tue Apr 16, 2019 7:23 pm

Hello, I recently was given a Joggler, and have found the forum invaluable, particular with respect to finding PnP III v3.60 July 2017 Update For Joggler which I have implemented. I am using the device in the kitchen purely as a media player, primarily music. I am never going to use the games, and I wondered if there is an elegant way to prevent them being installed.

I think the part of the script in /files that installs many of the games is below as opapps.tar as this contains blindspot, bobosnake, brickshex etc.,

#Note: Removes OP Youtube app as 'ours' is configureable
echo "Cleaning up..."
cd /openpeak/gui/apps
tar xvf /mnt/files/opapps.tar -C /openpeak/gui/apps

But it also has apps that I want such as op_music, op_photos etc., so I can't simply comment out the line
"tar xvf /mnt/files/opapps.tar -C /openpeak/gui/apps".

Does anyone have any suggestion? This was asked in the forum several years ago, but I couldn't find a conclusive solution. There is a part of the script that controls the menu:-

cd /openpeak/gui/mainmenus
rm menuData.cookie
cp -r /mnt/files/menuData.cookieop /openpeak/gui/mainmenus
mv menuData.cookieop menuData.cookie
chmod a+x menuData.cookie

A solution might be to move all the games to the last page, and have the current last page as the second page. Looking at menuData.cookie with a text editor shows mixture of binary stuff and plain text, but the plain stuff does show that this determines the menu order.

I would be very grateful for any suggestions.

Kind regards, Robert

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Re: Alter install script PnP III v3.60 to exclude games?

Post by offbeatdave » Sat May 04, 2019 6:25 pm

You can edit the XML file which shows the applications, either removing or commenting out the apps you don't want. There are two. I'm not near my archive at the moment so I couldn't tell you exactly, but I thinks there's and applications.XML and another one somewhere. tango/GUI ? I used to know this stuff in my sleep! Now I'm using hobbies for 3 network photo frames, one for sqpos and one rubbing pihole.
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