New games for CBM64 !

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New games for CBM64 !

Post by Juggler » Thu Sep 06, 2018 3:00 pm

If someone told me that games are still being developed for micros that are nearly 40 years old, I would have initially thought they were pulling my leg.

Well I stumbled across this new game for the CBM64 the other day and it looks pretty damned good :

I like the look of it so much, I've started looking on ebay for real hardware. Must be loads of hardware hacks for CBM64s ? Plus, even if I got one broken, there's probably some common faults and with modern test equipment, not that hard to diagnose. I've still got a 24" analog CRT colour TV. Just need a classic joystick too.

Be great to play Suicide Express again too.

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Re: New games for CBM64 !

Post by hawsey » Thu Sep 06, 2018 11:08 pm

Juggler , we must be on similar wavelength at the minute ha ha .
The Sinclair ZX81 which was my first computer as a kid , I recently acquired a one again .
There is a chap who exclusively writes new high Res games for the 1K ZX81 even though back in the day most people had a 16 K ram pack .
There are dozens of 1k games he has written .
Here's a video of the latest , boxing game .
The Zx 81 had no sound .

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