Replicating OpenPeak Update Server

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Replicating OpenPeak Update Server

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Hey everyone,

So, in the latest release of the original OS that I've put together (v30301), I've altered the binaries and config files to send update requests to, instead of The site is currently an empty directory on the server, the eventual hope being that we can use it to provide firmware updates to OpenFrames which are otherwise unrecoverable, such as OpenFrame 2 units which occasionally have locked-down EFI.

With a little luck, this should also fix the disappearing appshop folder issue for new installations; if anyone's willing to give this a test, that would be great.

What I could really do with is somebody diving in to the following files and seeing what kind of server response the system is looking for. The files which have been modified, and the URLs they were talking to originally, are:

Code: Select all

/openpeak/gui/appshop.xml.orig                              :
/openpeak/tango/opapplog.ini                                :
/openpeak/tango/factory_reset/opapplog.ini                  :
/openpeak/tango/                              :
/openpeak/tango/                                 :
/openpeak/tango/fp_class_modules/     :
/openpeak/tango/fp_class_modules/               :
For firmware updates it's we're interested in, which sends a GET request to /dms/device/heartbeat with it's MAC address as an argument. Funnily enough, the Updates button doesn't seem to do very much.. :roll:

I'll leave this here and try to pick it up as I get chance, just trying to make the most of any time I can grab at the moment!
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