My Screen's Broken! - Dead joggler w/ working screen 4 sale?

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My Screen's Broken! - Dead joggler w/ working screen 4 sale?

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Hi all;
my dear Joggler dropped from the kitchen counter and the screen is broken. :(
Otherwise, it still works - I am running roobarb's great SqueezePlay OS for Joggler and the installed LMS is still running.
-> Does anyone have a broken joggler w/ an intact screen I could purchase?
Jogglers are really hard to come by here in Germany, so I am calling out for help especially to all you guys in GB!
(Shipment would need to go to Germany, which I would naturally cover)

Thanks for any feedback / suggestions.

And: Happy Holidays!

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Re: My Screen's Broken! - Dead joggler w/ working screen 4 s

Post by Positivity »


I might have what you are looking for...

Joggler was working, but was always a bit tricky to flash - sometimes needed 2 or 3 attempts. Yesterday I tried to flash it back to the O2 image and it seemed to take the image but then would not boot - stuck on the O2 screen. Any further attempts at flashing failed - it accesses the USB drive but does not boot from it. I have tried 2 different USB drives - no change. I have tried a USB hub and keyboard to force it to boot from USB - no change. I have tried running an OS from USB (Squeezeplay OS) - no change. From what I understand this is due to the EFI chip being corrupted.

The screen is therefore intact and if you dare to risk your working joggler to re-flash the EFI chip you would very likely have a fully working joggler.

The joggler plus power supply is 900g. If I can pack it securely and make it less than 1KG, it will cost between £13.50 and £15.50 to post to Germany. See Best payment method would be PayPal. You can have the Joggler for £7.50 to cover my "postage effort" and the PayPal transaction fee - so the total price should be less than £25 including postage.

I can send you a photo of the screen showing the O2 logo where it is stuck. PM me if you are interested and want to know more.

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