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Re: Audio Line-out

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OK, I've got it plugged into the Tape input now ... what a difference, pretty much as good as my CD player ever sounded.

I was thinking about the difference between the S/PDIF output of the Behringer card and connecting directly to the S/PDIF on the joggler itself. I don't think there would actually be any difference between the two. Ok, there will be a small difference in that there may be a little clock jitter on one or the other, but I see know reason why the chip on the joggler should have a better clock than the Behringer card (if anything I would have thought that the Behringer would have a more stable clock). What is fed down the USB cable will be an exact copy of the 16/24 bit data which is fed into the STAC2902 chip.

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Re: Audio Line-out

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Hi everyone;
does anybody have feedback on the original question:
EdT wrote:Trying to connect the headphone outputs to an amplifier gives absolutely awful sound quality.
It seems that the Joggler uses the STAC2902 as its DAC. This seems to have four Audio Ports - 2 for headphone and 2 for Line-Out.
Has anyone tried to connect a line out socket directly to Port B (pins 21 and 22) or Port C (pins 23 and 24) of the STAC2902 to give a Line-Out signal suitable for feeding into an amplifier?
Can anyone see any problems with such an idea?
Would it require any changes in the Audio Config files?
From what I understand, it should be physically no probem - as similarly in another thread / the wiki it was shown for the Internal SPDIF output .
The question is: What needs to be done to the audio config file / how can the line out be enabled, i.e. non muted ect?

Thanks for your help & feedback.

P.S. And yes, I know that something similar can be achived via USB Sound-Card.... but I really would like to use the internal available circuits and not adding something outside to the Joggler....

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