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Openpeak 2.o dismantling

Posted: Sat Jan 30, 2016 11:41 pm
by mickchip
How the hell do you get the Openpeak 2, (the one with the speakers underneath ) to pieces.
There doesn't seem to be any screws anywhere.

Re: Openpeak 2.o dismantling

Posted: Sun Jan 31, 2016 1:57 am
by pete
It is a PITA.

The very first one here I used a hack saw and tin snips.

Look on the bottom of the Openpeak 7EZ (that is the label I see on mine).

There are four holes.

Open peak made a tool with four prongs to do this. There is a picture of the tool here some place.

You can utilize a skinny little screw drive that is a bit longer than from the bottom to where the screen starts.

There are four little plastic tabs that hold the capacitance screen in place.

You can start on one side and push on the plastic tab just a bit and lift the screen there a bit.

One you have one side of the screen up the rest of it should just lift up.

That said you can also just push on the tab; life the screen a touch and put a little whatever wedge there and go to the other side.

Once you have removed the screen everything else is easy.



The second one I purchased was totally modified and magic marker marked with O2 all over it. I saved this one and didn't play with it. It is all back together as it was a keeper.

It had all the zigbee and dect stuff removed and it does have a socket for the efi boot rom (which is a good thing).


I do have a play board set up and I have soldered a zif clip, micro sd card and USB port on to it. I cannot get the ZIF drive to work nor the micro SD card at this time. I have tested the mini pcie slot to see if it would work with an mSATA card and another similiar pata drive. I do have a broadcom crystal HD card working on it and it streams HD fine that way. It would be nice to get the microSD card to work and utilize the Broadcom Crystal HD card on it.

Re: Openpeak 2.o dismantling

Posted: Sun Jan 31, 2016 11:08 pm
by mickchip
Thanks Pete for a well detailed and explained walkthrough.
Another question ? is the mini pcie full or half size, I have some ublox mini pcie gps cards wouldn't mind trying one (they are full size)

Re: Openpeak 2.o dismantling

Posted: Mon Feb 01, 2016 12:37 am
by pete
It is a 1/2 sized card and utilizes the clip that you see in the pictures. I removed (unsoldered) the clip for my test stuff and use painters tape to keep the card in place when I test. I did also purchased those 1/2 sized to full size extensions that utilize tiny little screws.

Notice too on the bottom left hand side you will see a little button there. I think that relates to DECT telephone pairing. Right below and to the left there is a little mini lithium battery which keeps the clock going.

Looking at the top you will see the USB camera connection wiring. I added a USB port there. Will post order; it is standard USB except that there are 5 tabs and the 4th one is skipped.

The card in there looks almost like a prototype never released (except for Openpeak) combination Bluetooth and WLAN card. It works fine with the BuzZ's Ubuntu. I couldn't get the bluetooth part to work in XP but got the WLAN part working fine in XP.

I like that whole GPS thing. My very first one here was a piece of surplus in the 90's that came from a tank. It was built very well. I later used that whole GPS / flight vectoring stuff for little project. The work GPS in use was very ornate with a lot of chrome looking like a 1955 Cadillac in it's own special space. I am guessing the chrome on it justified the cost and made for something shiny to look at?