Only 'main'usb for audio adapter?

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Only 'main'usb for audio adapter?

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One thing I am finding is that the usb dac is only operational on the main usb port on the right of the joggler.
Two of my jogglers have been modified (not by me) to have a usb port on a trailing wire.
These won't work with any of the few dac types I have. Is this normal?
I thought usb is usb is usb. I guess not.

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Re: Only 'main'usb for audio adapter?

Post by pete »

Here I have not had any issues with direct USB connections to the internal and external USB port.

That said I have soldered on to the motherboard USB 1.0 and 2.0 ports and most recently my USB 2.0 soldering of wires is going to an external USB hub which is small and glued to the back of the Joggler. This one has worked fine for whatever devices I have installed. Note here that I am taking the power for the new USB 2.0 port from the side mounted USB port. That said there have been issues relating to power on the USB ports such that you should use an externally powered USB hub. The el cheapo ones you find leak power to the Joggler. I utilize a Digi Externally powered USB hub and have no issues with this. You can test the cheapo ones by disconnecting the Joggler and connecting one of the cheaper USB powered hubs. It will illuminate the backlight of the Joggler which is not a good thing.
- Pete

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