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XSqueeze on XBMC

Posted: Sun Jan 27, 2013 11:42 am
by spoyser
bossanova808 has kindly revert the xsqueeze dependency for the script.artistslideshow addon back to 1.4.7 so most of what is below is now irrelevant, but I will leave it here for future reference.

Those of you that use this addon to access your music via LMS (aka SqueezeBox) may have noticed that it has recently stopped working in Eden XBMC.

This addon is made up of 5 components, the latest version numbers are shown below

plugin.program.xsqueezechooser - 0.0.6
script.module.b808common - 0.0.4
script.module.xsqueezecommon - 0.0.6
script.xsqueeze - 0.8.7
script.artistslideshow - 1.5.0

If you have bossanova808's repository installed and auto-update for addons is enabled (almost certainly the case if you are using iLLiac4's excellent XBMC distro) these are the version numbers XBMC will attempt to update to.

Unfortunately the 1.5.0 script.artistslideshow is for Frodo only and therefore will not download onto Eden and this breaks the dependencies for XSqueeze (0.8.7), hence why it becomes marked as broken. However the latest Eden version 1.4.7 works fine with XSqueeze (according to the changelog 1.5.0 has no new functionality).

Currently the only way round this appears to manually put the correct version of script.xsqueeze onto your Joggler, this can easily be done using something like WinSCP (search the forum for instructions) to copy it (overwriting the existing files) into the addons folder:

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The lastest version is available here (it need to be unzipped before transferring to your Joggler):

script.xsqueeze - 0.8.7
http://bossanova808-xbmc-addons.googlec ... .xsqueeze/

You will also need to ensure you delete the XSqueeze settings folder:

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To stop your changes being overwritten you *may* need to switch off auto-updating as well (why does anyone have this switched on!), or delete the bossanova808's repository from the addons folder.

The latest version of XSqueeze has 2 different players for you to try:

Squeezeslave and

To quote bossanova808:

"Squeezelite - can play hi-def audio formats and if you have triode's spotify pluging on your LMS server, you can have spotify in plays at least, I haven't done much work on the UI side of things yet - need to work out how to get it to do whole albums rather than just tracks, if I recall. Buti basically I jsut wanted it out there to get people trying it and confirming it generally works. Once the basics are in place I can think about a bit of spit and polish."

Also, if you are using a USB sound card you will need to add these in the Extra Player Arguments section of the XSqueeze addon settings:

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For Squeezeslave enter:
(that is a lowercase letter o)
(On the off chance that that doesn't work, try different numbers starting at 0 to 9)

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For Squeezelite enter:
-o hw:CARD=SET,DEV=0
(that is a lowercase letter o at the start and a zero at the end)

I have also had a quick play with Frodo (ooer!). Although the latest from Buzz is a bit old and virtually all the addons are marked as broken, I did get XSqueeze working. However, one thing to point out though is that because of the new Audio Engine you are not able to have XBMC set to use a USB sound card as well as XSqueeze (although bossanova808 mentions that this might have been fixed in a recent XBMC nightly, and if not I think it will be soon as it is currently a release blocker)

Hope that all helps.

Re: XSqueeze on XBMC

Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2013 11:45 am
by ilovemyjoggler
Spoyser, I'm really grateful for all your help with this over the weekend. Thank you!

Re: XSqueeze on XBMC

Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2013 11:47 pm
by ilovemyjoggler
Spoyser, I wonder if it's only me and you that use this addon :?:

Have you, by any chance, had a look at the xsqueeze forum recently? The developer has been a very busy bee. Two updates pushed and a third on it's way. I wonder how this will effect it on the joggler. Don't worry - i promise not to update. ;)

Re: XSqueeze on XBMC

Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2013 12:04 am
by spoyser

All the changes are Frodo related, due the changes in the audio engine.

Bottom line, whilst its working don't update!