PnP III News App - brand new feeds

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PnP III News App - brand new feeds

Post by offbeatdave » Mon Oct 29, 2012 10:00 pm

I have noted this in the PnP III thread, but I felt it warranted it's own announcement too. :?

Since major PnP III works reduced a while ago, I have been digging around for better news feeds for the OpenPeak News app which has been used through all my versions of PnP. In the end, I came full circle to Yahoo, whose original feeds were on the original app, just with a tweak to make them full text. Sometimes they can take a few seconds to load up as I think that some of the feeds update quite frequently.

They will become the standard news feeds from v3.049, but you can add them now via Telnet and the following code:

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cd /media/opt
rm -r news/*
tar xvf news.tar
rm -r news.tar
Note that this will remove any fiddling you've done to any of the news feeds yourself.

If you really don't like them, you can put the old, poorly functioning versions back by running the above, but replacing news.tar with news_old.tar
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