Linux program on Joggler

General discussion relating to the O2 Joggler, from the default O2 setup, to alternative operating systems and applications.
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Linux program on Joggler

Post by sharpharp »


I have pnp 3 installed on the o2 joggler and wanted to ask how i can install other software on it?

Which OS is pnp3, is it android or based on linux?

I want to install a linux/windows based program on it to run a usb device, so just wondering if this is possible on the pnp 3 build ?

Can't reveal what yet, but i will once i achieve my goal...
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Re: Linux program on Joggler

Post by roobarb! »

Don't rely on the original OS, it's so old and tailored (restricted) you'll not be able to run much without a lot of hard work.

Use this instead. You'll be able to build anything you want on the back of this "blank" Ubuntu OS.
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