Daylight clock no longer working

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Daylight clock no longer working

Post by keynet »

Has anyone else noticed this last week that the nice Daylight Clock screensaver has stopped working with error :
"unable to fetch image from"
- which indeed doesn't contain an image (any more ?), says "Nothing to see here, move along..."
No note of changes in the site changelog
The image (higher res) seems to be at
I emailed but no reply so far
Anyone shed some light on this ?


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Re: Daylight clock no longer working

Post by jogglerhase »

Yes, I noticed as well.
I think its the dreaded http vs https issue

If you add the 's' in your browser, it works.
However, if you update the adress it in the custum clock helper, it still does not work.
Probably, because the system does not understand https in that context.
Bummer. I really liked it as well.....

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